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Hello, welcome again. This is me, matt Clark. And for this episode I’m joined by. No one. It’s just me doing it alone as usual. So this episode is about Amazon and I will begin by giving you a brief analysis of the article. It talks about the fact that Amazon.Is now 20 years old, and a high lights the contribution to the development of digital technology. Now I am not going to get lost in details and it’s the nations of content. What ive done as usual is selected the 10 most useful language points, not the most use.

Promise of promises with a company like apple or Microsoft. And the answer is simple. Both are correct. So we can say a promise is its users. We can also say Microsoft promise users.Price. So we often hear this is a business agreement. I can cut you a deal on this. A great deal of money. So different meaning, same pronunciation, same spell ING OK. Back to our list, number three, the expression love or love. Now love on line is quite a common expression. And it really means you love it.Or y我们课程讲到这里,已经学习完了佛陀,二是教法当中的四重二谛。第四重二谛是速递,是贾有为明。ou hate it. So let me give you some examples. Love or love it. Think it o fu, 炒豆腐is a very popular street snap in China. Love it all o that think it is a very popular street snap in China. Another example, love it or lose it. Face.Book is the world’s biggest photo album. Another example, love it or lose it. There is no deny that Christmas is here. Know another confuse ING express外表反而没有千千的样子。泰安市属三年,见证了很多极其优秀的同学,其实这些同学都可以来做我的老师,有好几个同学我非常喜欢,他们最大的特点就是,每次来的时候,主动的还帮其他同学搬椅子搬桌子,下完课之后,写作业写得很好,平常呢。你不让他非说点什么呢,他就默默的这些笔记,认真的读书,然后呢,内化感受,写出来的文章,清澈见底,直指人心,但是不喧哗,自由身。ion here. If he look at the article they have lose l OAthe. Back to our list and number four to prove otherwise. Now to prove otherwise means to show that something is different or wrong allin accurate examples. The teacher said I would feel my exam. I proved otherwise. Otherwise that would be in correct. So I proved otherwise, I proved him wrong, so I can use him if I prove him wrong. Otherwise it’s just I proved otherwise OK number five on the list is the world to Spark.The Spark means to stimulate to create interest in something to animate or interest ingly there is an English for to kindle, so kindle is actually mentioned in the articlamazon fulle, but that’s the product the Amazon kindle here is the verb to kindle so to Spark. To kindle, to be or to stimulate. Now there are quite a lot of college station with this word. For example Spark a CTRL c example the teacher spoke to control the sea by bani phones in the classroom. I can also Spark around raw.Spark around. Example the poor exam results Spark around over teaching quality. I could also Spark of protest, example. The decision to introduce we can class is has Spark dramatic Pro tests by the students.Back to the least and it’s number six, too popular ize. The hamburger in China. Or if I want to use, by can say the hamburger was popular ize by Mcdonald’s in China.And and now he we have the verb, example. Sony pioneer the concept of the personal story o with the walkman product now pioneer really meaning to be the first to do something. The first company to produce something. Other examples we have a pie in. Technology with the iPod. However, this concept was popular ize by Sony and their workman products. In the 1980.Or to set in motion. 帐篷taobao, provide a more efficient service. But景栋r trying to prove otherwise.In the 1980 OK last one on our list is shape the digital world. Now, this is quite a nice expression. If we take the verb to shape, it means to give definite form to give organization to something, ought to give character to something. Let me give you one amazon fullor two example.阿普plan to shape the future of stream ING TV. A very common core location is to shape the future. So another example, phone apps like wechat shape ING the future of language learning. On 10 useful language points here. And you should be able to take this way and use them yourself in others. I think it’s important for me to remind you that these articles are designed for educated, native speaker read as so as you read the r.一口there will be certain sentence is that look a little bit strange to you. You might not understand how the grammar of the sentence works, you might not understand amazon fullwhy they wrote the sentence using this particular world order. But really you should ask yourself the question. Do I need?To understand that very trick grammar point in the sentence, as a learn of English, is it necessary for me to learn that? Is it going to benefit me as a learn of English and most of the time the answer is no. Many of these strucamazon fulltures and sentence r. Very, very special ised and would only appear in very very多者果何事也。还好木子后面说,博学而详说之将以反说约也为了要最后反过来证明未经唯一的这个根本,如果孟子后面没有反应两个字,那前面的博学详说,那还真的不知道吃什么了,对不对?我和四爷他到底是什么呢?还好,他指出。复星将中,就在我们的内心里面一种恻隐之心,是非之心那一种,看到人家落难总有不舍的,一种我们占人便宜总有一种亏欠的爱,这就是良知这个良知把它给显现出来,做什么事都和你用良知来看,45斤,怎么看都是通的,这段就是在姐博学而详说之被顾东桥给误会了,他的原意并不是这样的,孙志浩问好茶。另外一句你说的是好文好茶来证明说,你看要往外去学很多东西,那么这段话是从中庸里面的,只有顺其大自然与阿顺是什么样的大智慧,是他问得好察迩言呢,这个顺的很善于发问,而且善于体察很切近很近的,而且进切身的一些话,而不是所以求怪,不是像我们一般的人 special ised, journalist situations so you could spend a long time trying to work out why they wrote the sentence like this. But in reality, you would never have the opportunity to you.Is that structure yourself. And the chances are you would never see that structure used again. So don’t worry if certain part of these articles appear to b complex. Just focus on the past that you can extract and use your self. And usually this will be the cab. So that’s the end.Absolute. And thank you for listening. I hope you next time. Until then this is me, matt Clark. Sign off goodbye.