Hello and welcome once again, this is me my clock with an episode about cold never. And cold never sa described asfull people who have never had cable sub script is now I should explain this to some of my younger business because in the past, when we wanted to pay for.A TV service with lots and lots of differefullnt channels accompany used to feed a big fat wire ork able or cold into your home from under neath the street and this big fat wire cable. Word deliver. All of your favorite TV channels. So that’s cable TV. And. And of course cable its the same thing so cold never is someone who has never had cable TV and someone who never will have cable TV. And as usual, I have selected 10 delicious and useful the cabin items from the article. So.Now further ado, let’s get on with our capital e items number one. Fox. The article says cold never sa generally compress of those folks in the 20 and 30 is now, folks could be people in general, or it could be people from a specific group. So.Examples most folks, agree that winter za not getting warmer and some as are getting kula. It’s actually quite difficult to know when we should use people or folk of folks. So my advice is avoid this world because if we use folks in the wrong sentence, and it’s very difficult to explain when we那主就相当于今天的炮,因为我反复在说唐代到今天饮茶的习俗变化很大,从之前是监察监察法之后点茶法,点茶法之后到今天泡茶法,真正泡茶法明代之后才大量流行,不是说明代发明的,但是明代之后正式流行成了主流的茶文化,唐代还不是。所以是5只主,主要是讲这茶制作,不是说那干茶制作的茶汤怎么能呈现出来是这个过程,那呈现出来以后呢,这就该喝了,翠六支饮,主要讲饮茶的问题,当你说这还有什么可讲的吗?这怎么能单列一章呢?他其实讲的内容比较丰富,不光是喝,还有喝的意义。按今天的话说路与人家写文章,也知道拔高,哎,这高度得先上来,为什么要把这个高度上来?这个买一个小伏笔,咱们一会儿再说,他写东西他必定得有高度,为什么先看原文,六枝影开篇怎么讲的呢?讲教义而非毛儿走曲而言,9个字。 don’t use it. But sometimes it just sounds really strange.Old and kind of wrong. So my advice to learn as of English is avoid using folk of folks as a now to mean people because it’s very difficult to know how to use it correct li. Of course folk music, folk art, the objective that’s quite different. We know when to use that. So.Our point here is using folk refer to agree with people. My advice, avoid it and just use people instead. You always be correct. OK number two, 20 something’s now, a 20 something is a person in the age group between 20 and 29, examples the bus. Is quite trend and popular with 20 something. We also have 30 something, so I wouldn’t go to that BA its quite a mature by its an old bar is full of 30 something. People age between 30 and 39 interest ingly. We don’t use 40.Some things as much you may see some times. But the very very popular ones are 20 something, 30 something and you never really say he is a 50 something or above that’s o 20 something yes, very popular, very common. 30 something very common, but we don’t often see 40 something 50 some things and higher.OK number three, my favorite one from the article, North of something. The article says spend well North of $a hundred a month to watch TV. S记得有念头的,有硬件,有软件,有操作系统的,怎么一台智能设备,你不去好好的去玩它,去玩什么手机?你唱的不花钱。指相扣。o. When we talking about numbers higher than more than so spend North of $a hundred month. Just means spend more than $a hundred a month.This is love. By the way, we shouldn’t really use this in formal written English. It’s used in speaking no problem. It’s quite so so we should save it for in formal situations. Another example. A new iPhone will cost you North of 5000 yuan. Up words of five.Thousand yuan now interesting we do not have the opposite equipment, being self say, I cannot say or you will spend south of$a hundred a month meaning less than $a hundred a month. It would be quite nice if we did have the idiom. But as with most idiom, you don’t get. Direct opposite by replace ING words with the opposite. So spend one North of $a hundred a month meaning much more than $a hundred a month OK we move on number for this one is quite complex. Mile in the dogs. The economy continues to be mind in the dogs.Now to be mind in literally means to be stuck in deep MOD the idiom means to be stuck angle or lost in a difficult or complicated situation. We often talk about sfullomething being mile in bureau cracy and paper work. So if you write a letter to.Company complain ING, your letter your complaint might be mind in bureau cracy. It will be lost somewhere in the complicated system of the company. We could also say the project is currently my ld in tech nik problems. It’s in tang ga lin difficult technical problems so on. Words for my life would be slow down. Inhibit by kindle hand by or dead lock.A situation in which there i中间的右边,有一些人天生的,看到的颜色就少一些,大部分的人看得到红绿色,眼睛都是1.5 1.2 0.8.有点同情他,考飞行员呢,考一些专门的考试的时候呢,不让他们考而已,但是呢知道,他们那个是不足的,问题是,这个地球上可能还有2%以上的人,比我们看的要多得多,就像多了一个手指出来一样,对于我们来说。做,他就是有一种不可理喻,对于他来说就是自然而然,问题就在于,有些时候我们能看得见别人有6个脚趾头6个手指头,知道有些人是远视眼睛,从。s a lack of success, a lack of progress and lack of activity or improvement, est of in activity, est of the stag nation and we often use the dreams for business. Or sometimes when we talking about the progress of art x.Samples. August isfull the time of dreams for many small companies. Another example. The company has been in the dollar and since 1987. In a state of in activity for depression, OK number five. Easy one. My take on it now. Take here is a noun. OK interesting when I look this example up in the dictionary, this was definition 100 for the world take. So take.Such a common word in English with so many different meaning. And this is meaning number 100, so it’s quite far down on the list. Meaning, it’s not one of the most common use for take. But anyway, what does it mean? My take means my opinion, or my assessment of the situation. So we often.Ask the question. What’s your take on the problem? What’s your opinion? What’s your assessment on the problem? The course. You can imagine how many countries they were for take in the course. So actually I was looking in the course to find some examples for this particular take meaning opinion assessment, but there were so many thousands of the examples in the course. I actually gave up, looking for it.It was probably in there somewhere. I couldn’t go through hundreds of pages, of course examples trying to find this particular one. So very key word. Many many definition my take me ning my opinion. Definition 100 in my dictionary OK number six also contains.The expression, what it takes. The number six, the article says every child that enter the adult Hood now has no fear of technology and what it takes to set it up. So what it takes simply means what is needed when necessary all required. So example, I am willing to do what it takes to get this project out of the dreams.Great taste. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Emphasize is there is no limit to what I will do. Absolutely anything that is required I will do it. So I’m willing to do what it takes means a kind of within reason with in certain limits I will do it, but I am willing to do.Whatever it takes means there is no limit to what I will do to get my result. Now there is a difference here between I will do my best to get this project out of the dreams when we say I will do my best. This may not result in success. The women is I am willing to do what it takes. And it’s. Number it’s used for emphasize in tfullhe amount OK, let’s look at some examples of how we may use this. The number of visitors to the Great Wall is causing transport problems during national holiday.Almost impossible to find the solution. Now she volume is quite common. Disappeared very, very, very frequently in the course. Example. Our beautiful scenery is being destroyed through the volume of visitors. The weight kind of in to change. Same example. Our beautiful scenery is being destroyed through the weight of visitors.Meaning remaining stable or keeping a constant level.And five health study. Although this was followed by a period of decline after 2007. Of course, that’s very very I writing task one, quite useful, hold steady. Number nine, baby bonus. Now. Times throughout my life and throughout my career as an English teacher. And i’ve never used it once myself. Now I checked dictionary definition for baby boomer because I wanted to get the exact definition. And I was presented with this definition one, a person born during a bone season.Especially one born in the us between 1946 in 1965, definition ii. A person born ring, the baby boom period after the 1970. Definition three. A person born during a baby boom, especially in Britain during the years 1945.It’s 1955. Now, u notice that this some difference in the definition is here. So it’s not exactly clear according to dictionary. Wen baby boom as were actually born and it’s quite an American express in which is why i’ve never used it. And you can see that the the definition is not clear. So I think with baby boomer, maybe it’s just useful to understand what it means if you see it in an article. But I wouldn’t advise using it as I said in all of my years of using English as a native speaker ive never once had the need to use the word baby boomer I would just say the members of older generation.现实OK number 10, exit the scene, so the article talks about baby boomer exciting the same now this is quite a nice expression exit the seen it come it comes of course from the theater. When a character XX the thing they leave the stage, they are no longer.Heart of the story of plant. They seems to be relevant. There no longer part of the big picture. So as baby boom exit the scene, they are no longer important to the statistics of figures related to cable TV, because baby boom is they will no longer be customers. Maybe we could say that. To die but more likely that become so old that they are not the customers who actually pay for television OK so exit the scene means no longer be part of the big picture, so with that. Just as an actor made on the stage. I will now exit the same.Thank you for listening. I hope you next time until then this is me, matt Clark. Sign off goodbye.




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