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「新闻讲解」酷炫的迪拜消防员 1126

Hello and welcome. Once again, this is me matt Clark with another episode from my wild series and this one is another weird ep「新闻讲解」酷炫的迪拜消防员 1126isode we’re looking at crazy technology that will soon become a reality. And i’ll do my life and say this week.The feature is more crazy technology that will soon become a reality. This episode of course is about the seem ingly crazy idea of using jet packs on the banks of fire fight as a fire fight as will be able to fly through the air and people from burning sky’s grape and i’ll talk more about this. In my life that the side, here right now we are going to look at 10 points from the article. So let’s kick off with number one. Seriously.At this before. Usually is an advert means in a serious man a, he shook his head seriously. The teacher explain to us seriously. The rules of the classroom. Now seriously according to the course of the most common en trees were seriously ill.Seriously ill and seriously injured. 300 people were injured, 100 of those were seriously injured, so most common use it seriously, ill seriously injured. The other one that got many many hits in the course was take seriously, to take some one serious li to take something. Seriously. The teacher is very angry. You should take his warning seriously. In the article of course it’s like the difference is a little bit sa cast, almost「新闻讲解」酷炫的迪拜消防员 1126 with this belief, say is this, dubai is seriously buying jet pack for its fire fighter Siri.Is the question Mark. Yeah, seriously. So if someone says something, almost unbelievable we can follow that statement with seriously question Mark seriously. And the response can be seriously. So we can use pronunciation quest.修复when I question seriously. The answer seriously. So one more time. Cute pronunciation trick, seriously yeah seriously. OK we move on to number two, go together having money. And having good ideas for how to spend it. Don’t always going together. Now first of all, go together to be mutual seated to fit to get.Go together quite well. But maybe green and blue. Don’t go together so well.Another example, being a high level professional business woman, and the dedic ated housewife. Don’t usually go together. But some professional women manage to achieve this. Who says for shopping paradise accident, a triple digit speed. Shuttle ING just means moving someone or something from one place to another. Quite quickly usually. Quite sure distance is that’s why we often see shuttle bus is in airport. So shortly para medic to accident trip.At double digit speed, 70 miles per hour, 80 miles per hour, 90 miles per hour or forever. If I didn’t say triple digit speed, I am emphasize ING that the speed is over 100. So it’s an emphasis, almost with little surprise. Yeah, it’s such. To be able to travel a triple digit speed. Now the most common use of triple digit is actually triple digit salary. So in Britain or America, we often describe the salary is as annual. For example, he earns at.Thousand pounds per year. But he expect to get a pay rise. You probably get a triple digit salary next year meeting, his salary will go over 100 thousand pounds per year at thousand pounds 80 is the double digit salary. One.Hundred thousand pounds per year is the triple digit salary. So he now and the triple digit salary means the salary is seeds 100000 pounds dollars per year. Three dogs. Before and after on convention, which give us this his attention. The latest example of device on convention, approach to tack ling situations now UN convention is an active course, it means not following.With other countries. Out.Unusual word man on mind. So they are producing mind and on mind Japan. Sorry objective meaning walkman, carrying operating buy one or more people. So on mind means it doesn’t carry any people is not operate by a person, although it may.It be controlled by a person on the ground. The most common use of mind of course would be a man space craft, a space craft space ship that has people in the space craft. So examples. Mind station is on the moon, 大获全胜,使得很多徘徊观望的高卢人又转投到了这个迦太基的这个部队当中,没有干不到,只有想不到看你敢不敢想能不能出敌,不意攻其不备,能不能一拳打在对手的软肋上,竞争他不是死磕,是一个灵活性的这个竞争,你也没有必要思虑过多。不可能你毫不受损,不可能你一点代价不付就取得胜利,最关键的是结果最关键的结果还有你能不能承受这个半夏所以这个迦太基士兵出现在这个罗马本土之后呢,在波河流域已经大获全胜然后就开始向意大利本土进发,公元前217年的6月汉尼拔。他采取迂回战术,在意大利中部的特拉西美诺湖畔设下了埋伏,把罗马4个军团3万人引进了三面环山,一面临湖的峡谷当中,汉尼拔首先是主动示弱是吧?让罗马人呢,骄傲轻敌然后采取迂回包抄的战术包围了这个罗马军队,不到三个小时,这场战斗就结束了。at present all the stations 扮演愿大家一切吉祥下面,我们就开始进入金刚经的学习。印度在印度,佛教的思想是用印度的语言文字来记载传承的,因此我们中国人学习佛教,第1件事儿就是经典的翻译,那么金刚经是印度大乘佛教一部非常重要的经典,因此在佛教的历史上。金刚经的翻译是有很多次,很多佛学大师翻译家争相翻译金刚经。on the moon r. One mind.嗯b available in the tail stores, be available for sale in the Taylor all online outlets to hit the market. Examples the company original designed a 128 gig model of the. Fine. But this specific version never actually hit the market. People were not never able to buy this version. Another example the new phone is expected to hit the market of the Christmas. We won’t be able to buy it until after Chri上卦是艮卦更不是纸吗?所有的生命从洞开始装修时就到此,那一定吗?一个生命周期,那这就说明这几人这一生之中在一个你要怎么养活自己,心有余力还能养活别人,这就一个探讨的主题像国家要养民,这里面也又会牵扯到很多这种原则的问题,是不是失去平衡的问题?两个人也不能需索无度,它是一个双向的一个东西这差不多是以,那我们是后天八卦方位是什么意思呢?我们还是做西方地图的观点,因为他跟这个中国这个方向正好180 6500,东边就是正挂壁出阵,我们知道生命的主宰绕一圈了,到东北方式更广,更就值了。就说你把这一圈走完,你是不是要交棒,你对未来的子孙未来的物种还负有责任,更从此动刀子,然后还可以在洞在一圈一圈乃至就是一个,然后整个我们说他是一个逼里冒出一个大嘴巴的相。stmas. One more example. When it.Only hit the market. Sales were low. After six months it became the best seller.At the time. So here it means during or for anyone period examples e practice everyday, four or five hours at the time. So continuous practice. It doesn’t have to be time. I can also use it with quantity, example the kindergarten case for up to 60 children at the time. 60 children at one specific time. Now I can also use at a time in a slightly different way to me simul tan a slip.Obviously I am playing hover camera point one at a time. If I explained to at a time, it would become confused with me OK number of pale, simple explanation, but it’s an old world because it doesn’t look like its meaning. So let me say that in other. The meaning of the word doesn’t seem related to the form of the world. Pay load. It’s got nothing to do with pei, in this sentence in this context. It just means the passengers, all the cargo, all the bomb and weapons carried by air craft for it can mean the.Equipment carried by a space rocket, a space satellite, a space craft, foreign aircraft. So it’s just the way to the cargo that something which flies can carry. 去pick something up and grab something quickly, so we are going to luck people out of burning building means we are going to grab them, pull them out quickly. Now in the course, the most common entry for clock with clock up the courage, plus.Come on. The courage to do something meaning find the courage to do something. So examples. I think you should put up the courage to do what you’ve always wanted to do and follow your dream. Another example, I spent three days looking up the courage. And finally. I asked for a date, and she said no.Doesn’t work in the way that we expect it to if something now functions or breaks we can say it’s gone wrong. Failed. Now what could possibly go wrong? This is my favorite expression from this article. And it’s a Rock you actually the official description.Of this kind of expression is an I run it writer trip. I’ll spell that for you, I run it. Iron IC Rick rhe to ric true trop e and. Take a trip. This means it’s a literary device is a kind of written sometimes you can expression that we use for chronic. Let me give you an example.This year onic predict disaster, so the last thing said before any disaster of might be, what could possibly go wrong? And when we asked to ric question, we are predict ING a disaster. Now, I’m sure, most o「新闻讲解」酷炫的迪拜消防员 1126f you are aware of.Titanic the ship and the movie Titanic. So i’ve created a rather interesting example for from the Titanic story so on, before the Titanic, set off on its first journey. Somebody from the company might say, we have built. The biggest and safe is the passenger ship in history. It is designed to be single. No matter what the Titanic, she will never think OK we haven’t done any real tests with real ice burg. But what could possibly go wrong? So this would be the kind of thing that.You would see may be in a newspaper article where the least some factors which suggests, oh, hang on is this really safe, is this 100% safe followed by what could possibly go wrong. Meaning, we predict a disaster. And with that I come to the end of this episode.Day as I said, crazy technology that may soon be a reality may soon be part of our everyday life. That’s gonna be my next live broadcast. So, thanks very much for listening. I hope you tune into the live broadcast see you there and until then this is me my clock. Sign off goodbye.