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Hello and welcome once again, this is me my clock with another episode. What you from the wild collection again this article comes from the wild dot com website its not from the economy espresso. And I’m actually recording this episode from a hotel room in.武汉Hubei and I’m quite a busy street. So if you hear the sound of cards and traffic outside, I apologize that is just the sound of noisy wu, han. So as to view the article talks about coca cola remove the script, the words, the letters, the name. Cola, they moved it from the kinds in certain regions. And I think this is the first reason to do this and it’s in the middle eastern countries, and where the article doesn’t go into great detail about this. The reason why coca cola have decided to remove the name from the cancer is part of this umbrella campaign.Another marketing campaign which the article tells us don’t label oth不住法而行布施,其实就是在薄弱统摄下,去行不是?那么佛教经典里说,前5度为忙,忙就是忙人瞎子那个忙。不是,就是在波罗统摄下的故事,如人有目日光明,照见种种色。er people we should see people for what they are who they truly are so coca cola has removed the script from the leaving only the comic coca cola logo on the hands. There is quite a lot of.To c language in this article. I picked up my 10 favorite words and expression and i’ll start with number one. Theater curtain red. Now we all know the red of coca cola. And there are many, many different words which could describe the particular. Shade of read the article uses theater curtain red. Because traditional in western countries in the theatre, the curtain on the stage is this Bright red. So theater curtai七情之乐,而亦不外于七情之乐。虽则圣贤,别有争论,得以常人之所同有,因为他这段话在回答阳明先生的回答是说了就是心的本体这段话就是从这里出来的。坡坡第1团的气,为什么呢?因为不论在哪一个情绪下,它的真相依然是活泼泼的,所以乐在其中,遇到最有困的时候,里面气机仔细观察,依然活泼的,既然这句话是阳明先生所讲的,所以这个时候学生就问他说要莫先生你以前讲课的时候说了是心的本体心的本体就是热。可能人就应该热为什么我不热,那原因很简单嘛,一朵乌云飘过来,遮蔽了太阳,这没关系天天就会这样,可是你天天对那种无语用的力,于是乎,就有一个更大的力量要反击你了,所以我们的就不见了,我们烦恼不堪,虽然说那是心的本体不知遇大故与I哭死了还在乎那么碰到很大的变故爱。n red. Now this is quite common, language.Phenomenon, where we just take particular words, and add them two colors to especially in speech all in written test where we might not be able to see the color. So we have words to the color say that the listening for the reader can create the visit image in their mind of exam.What shade of color I’m talking about. And i’ve got some other examples for you. Blood red forest green jet black Lily white sea green. And my favorite shopping pink. Normally when we do this, as you can see in the article, we insert a high. Between the description words and the color, so it’s blood, knife and red. Dash the little line, we draw a little line between blood and red in the article. Theater iPhone iPhone red OK number two pass now pass is.So it’s in this sentence. The script is gone, pass va nish so we use this word puff to to always mean like a cloud of smoke, say, you know for example in the cartoon, with something va nish is when something disappear in off and disappear in a puff of smoke.It’s quite a common expression to disappear in a puff of smoke checked path in the course. And the most common application with half and pass huff half half past. I think i’ve mentioned this in the previous episode, but it’s good to. See again, in a slightly different context. Er, let me give you some examples here. Hopefully, this will be different examples to the ones that gave you previously. So examples. After much huff and puff ING, the government back down from implement ING most of these new proposal. Another example.The labor party is always laughing and puff ING about the private nation of national industries. One more example. The students asked the teacher if they could go home early, he made a half and pass at first. But then he agreed, so he made a.And a puff, slightly different version there OK number three, the verb to roll out. So, coca cola r rolling out, this new package design, so they are going to roll out a limited edition run of this new design, so they are rolling out a new design and rolling out me. To introduce a new product or new service. When I check this in the course, the most common usage of roll out the verb has a completely different meaning with industry and technology and products. Roll a means to introduce a new product.All new service, but the most common is of roll out is when we cook ING. So let’s say for example, you are making some jobs or包子dumpling. First of all, you roll out the pace tree, so to roll out means to make the ball of door pay street flat.Sorry. Same spell in the same pronunciation. Totally different meaning of course and roll out the pace tree, the cooking expression is actually more common than this industry technology version OK number four, a limited addition run of something. So coca cola are going to. Roll out the get to introduce a limited edition run of something. So limited edition I think it’s quite clear. A limited edition is a product where they don’t make many of that particular version. So a special edition sometimes we call it. Now run. This is where it gets interesting. When I went to my dictionary.A tight in the world wrong. And my dictionary gave me 200 differcoca cola fullent meaning and combination and expression with run. So this particular one to introduce to produce a run of something. This 1 I think was number.120, it was far way down on the list in the bottom of the list. It took me quite a long time to find it in my dictionary. Soa run of in this sentence, the roll out the limited edition run of the run of here just means a certain amount of some. Produced in a certain period of time at a certain moment, so this is when dictionary is become quite dangerous actually because if you just found this word in in the article and run of a new type to run into your Chinese English dictionary I’m quite sure, you wouldn’t find this particular.The meaning, as I said, there are 200 definition for run in the English dictionary and I’m quite sure that the Chinese English dictionary would not be able to match this particular one with the correct Chinese word. So using Chinese English dictionary is of course, it’s gonna be helpful sometimes, but be careful because it doesn’t always find the right word.For you OK number five aside Rick aside. All the years of executive language, or the art of making slightly examine rated persuade speech. So means OK in spite of the executive message in language, we can forget about the right to ric. And forget about that for a second now in.Course I type in a side. And the most common application was Joe king aside. So the expression Joe king a side, which means OK, let’s leave the jokes for now. Let’s now talk seriously about something. Let me give you an example. The teacher says to me.Oh I see. The dog has eaten your homework again, has it matter. This must be the 10th time this year that the dog has it in your homework. And then of course, of course, all the class will love. And then the teacher will say OK Joe king aside. Why haven’t you done your homework? So. After we make some funny comments, so we may have a laugh and the joke and then somebody will say OK Joe king a side. 做过一个练习,给自己半天的时间,回想自己,特别特别特别小的时候对自己的期许,我想到了那个时候,梦想着如果有一天,我能够有一部自己的车,我能够想去哪个地方坐个飞机,就去了,我得多快乐呀。发现原来我早就已经成为了另一个遥远的过去所设想的遥远的未来的自己的样子,没啥那间我突然觉得我自己很幸福,如果你不能够看到别人的远,你起码可以看到自己的圆吧,想想自己10年前,20年前,曾经的自己,你就会对自己的现在感到自由了。因为你气死,比你想象的,要走得远得多,把我们锁在一个高速发展的GDP超过7%的国度,我们活在这个日行8万里的这样的一个国度里,所以我们每一个人都已经走了很远,姚,给我们带来了一种全新的启发,而且是实实在在的。Now let’s get down to the serious business. OK so number six, say a lot about something. Now this is a fixed expression, quite common. It means to clearly show all experienced.Something and idea about someone or something. So easy example. I think the way that some one dress is says a lot about their personality. Another example. It says a lot about her that she is willing to help people she doesn’t even know. So the new.And say a lot about today’s brand in landscape. These new coca cola hands without the name on, they they tell us the express something quite deep about the bran ding landscape the brand ING and marketing industry. And then they use this clever expression without saying anything at all because they don’t say anything. Because the words. It’s gone number seven fully fletch meaning completely developed or for a person completely trained in a particular art or skill. So examples. What first started as a very small family business is now.A fully charged international company. Another example, after years of study, Tim is now a fully fletch architect. Now interesting when I fully into the course. The most common college was full.Flash. And when I tied fletch into the course. The only color and that it gave me was with fully fully fletch. So a very, very fixed expression here fully fletch, want to other examples. Belle Jim was the first european country to possess. The flesh rail network.The favor. It’s actually one of my favorite flavor. Actually my favorite flavor ice cream van illa ice cream. Um, we use it in a technology context to me. Ordinary convention, or we use it to describe a bacoca cola fullsic product or service with no special features.So why do we use the ny LE, for this, well, because the ny LE its like the default flavor of ice cream, its a very ordinary standard flavor那fancy flavor its just you no play, no standard villa, examples the villa version won’t have. Blue cheese cloud services another example, re using some of the earlier the cabin re from this episode. The villa version rose out this winter, then next spring they will not a limit edition run of the provision with many.Extra features.Where is established last thing of permanent image. When I checked and you’re in the course of the most common connection was with for enjoy for so I can’t give you another coca cola example here. Coca cola is logo has and you’re. For decades. Its last for decades, it’s been a permanent fixed gear for decades now, be careful because we also use and you’re with pain all suffering meaning to color a kind of suffering, or to put up with pain or suffering. And we can also use it as slowly slowly.Matic sense for example, I cannot and you’re this terrible movie any longer. I need to turn off. Meaning I can not end you, I can not tall a rate, the suffering, which results fcoca cola fullrom watching this terrible movie. OK last one today, number 10. What’s in store?Install the expression in store means something about to happen. Or ement so example, there is a great deal of trouble in store for them if they continue to miss behave in class. Checked in store in the course and it came up as a very very high. Frequency expression so I will leave you with this example. I’m not going to tell you what’s in store. For next week episode. You just have to wait and see. So that’s the end of this episode. And as usual, thanks for listening and I hope to you next time.And until then, this is my mat Clark. In wu, han. Sign off goodbye. Time for me to go and get some热干面goodbye.